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Hey Sports Clips! Just wanted to congratulate you on an epic fail or maybe we should just title this one "How to loose a eight year dedicated customer for only $50.00!" So for the record, I've been a loyal Sports Clip's customer for well over eight years. Lynn at the Watauga Texas location has always done a GREAT job on my hair. I'm there punctually ever other Friday for my cut. Upon relocating from Seattle to Fort Worth my girlfriend, knowing how much I love Sports Clips bought me a gift certificate for $50.00 last Christmas. I held onto this certificate for almost a year so I could use it at "just the right time." Four weeks before it expires I go in, I get my cut and throw down my certificate like its a Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka. To my dismay I'm informed that "we cannot accept your certificate because it was not purchased at this location." WHAT!?! How can this be? I've kept this in my wallet for almost a year, waited for the perfect time to use it and in 2018 a gift certificate to a national haircut chain is LOCATION SPECIFIC??? But wait the story gets better. Not only is it location specific BUT whichever location sold her the certificate DID NOT FILL IT OUT CORRECTLY BY PUTTING A LOCATION NUMBER ON IT. So, I go back to my girlfriend, explain the situation and ask her which location she bought it at. Well since she had only been in town for a few weeks and was unfamiliar with the area she has no idea. Very long story short, 5 WEEKS and 7 different Sports Clips later I find the "magical" Sports Clips in North Richland Hills Texas (Highway 26 and Precinct Line Road) that sold her the incomplete certificate. I go in and speak to the manager (who is actually the person who sold the original certificate to my girlfriend) and explain the situation. She offers to redeem it for a $25.00 haircut. I have a stylist that I have been going to for over 8 years at another location. So after a five week hunt, I just ask to use it for some hair products. But wait, they don't even stock the products I use at the other location. Frustrated beyond belief I just ask for my money back so I can back to Lynn and get my haircut. This is where I'm told please have a seat so "I can call someone and work this out." 45 MINUTES LATER and very apologetic she informs me that the Corporate Office cannot help her and the owner of the location will not return her phone calls! She apologizes for the wait, asks me to leave the certificate with her and promises me a good resolution or "she will take the money out of her own pocket to make it right." Skip ahead 6 hours later, she calls me back to inform me that the owner finally got back with her and "unfortunately they cannot give me a refund because during the 5 week hunt for the mystery location the certificate has expired and is NO LONGER VALID." Apparently after 8 years, 208 haircuts and approximately $6200.00 my business wasn't worth $50.00! Really!?! Kudos for loosing a loyal customer...My feet will NEVER set foot in another Sports Clips facility EVER!

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Charles B. | January 12, 2019 Google

"Hey Sports Clips! Just wanted to congratulate you on an epic fail or maybe we should just title this"